Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby showers....not just for babies anymore!

This weekend I was one of 5 lucky ladies that co-hosted a fabulous baby shower for one of our best girlfriends, Meg. Everyone had a special part in this day and it was an honor to host such a fun party. Heather, Britney, Tiffany and Nicole took care of the food and adult beverages, but since I am not the cook of the group I wanted to take care of all decorations, invitations and anything else that might challenge my creativity. For weeks I have eat, slept and breathed this baby shower!

Guest of Honor and Mother to Be

My friend Meg is about the most naturally beautiful and organic kind of person I have ever met and plans on raising Baby Tyson the same way. Because of this I wanted this shower to take on a more sophisticated, yet outdoorsy theme and not be the typical cheesy baby shower filled with table confetti, corsages, games and ice cream punch. Therefore the theme became known amongst us all as "Country Chic." Which included tree branches, mason jars and fresh flowers. Here are some of the pictures from the shower!

Tyson Banner

The bird tree, baby scrapbook and invitation

Fresh flowers straight out of the yard

A dressed up picture frame to match his nursery.

His fabulous sock monkey diaper cake

Looks like this little guys is taking a nose-dive!

Homemade toothpicks for the sandwiches

Nothing more country than drinking from a Mason jar!

Party favors, the "T" is glued to a blow pop inside the box.

My wonderful friends are all amazing cooks so they really rocked the menu with this one! Our menu consisted of veggies & dip, cheese & fruit with an amazing toffee fruit dip, chicken salad sandwiches, buffalo chicken dip, spinich dip, pasta salad, avocado cheesecake with raspberries, and the newest craze....Cake Pops! I wish I had pictures of them making those! :) And of course no shower is complete without two kinds of punch....adult punch and pregnant punch!

These cake pops were very tasty!

 White Sangria

I absolutely love decorating, planning showers and parties. I hope that one day I can make this my dream job!

Love these ladies!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Watermelon & Kool-Aid

Well it is officially Summertime in Clarksville, TN! It is so hot you could fry an egg on the asphault, boy am I thankful for my inside job. The temperature hit 99 degrees yesterday, but felt like 109 outside! Whew.... made me wonder if I was in Tennessee or the Sahara desert! Anyway....to beat this summer heat I have been induldging in my summertime favorites, watermelon and Kool-Aid. Not together of course, although it is a thought! :) As much as I love both of them I only eat or drink them in the summer. I honestly have not used my measuring cups since the last time I made Kool-Aid.....12 months ago (Sorry Mom & Paula Deen) This got me to thinking about all of the things that I only enjoy during the summer months....lemonade, ice cream, pop tarts(weird, I know), cucumbers, coconut lime bodywash, my white purse, turquoise jewelry and my favorite water jug, etc.  It is a very random thought, but why should I only enjoy these things during one season, when they bring me so much happiness? There is no season fairy out there telling me that I am NOT allowed to drink lemonade in the winter, or even wear my turquoise jewelry with a snazzy turtleneck in the fall! So this blog goes out to you watermelon and Kool-Aid....may you always have a place in my heart and in my fridge ANYTIME of year!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Check baby, Check baby 1,2,3,4!!!!

Hello world! Looks like I am an official blogger now! One may ask why I need a blog, I mean, I am a single girl and have no children to keep me busy with cute stories of childhood and marriage. But I thought that this might be a great way for me to share my crazy life with all of my friends and family. So I will take this step by step, day by day until I get the hang of it and actually have something fabulous to talk about. :) For now.....Welcome to my blog!